we all Indians are proud today, God have blessed us, giving a dedicated, true, hard working, real patriot of country, God father of poor, depressed, farmers, working class, and a humble person, true human, blessed with humanity, the one and the only one person, sriman Narendra Modi. Not only India will come out from poverty to rich but the whole world will change under the leadership of honorable PM sri Narendra Modi. I personally salute him and promise him my full support to his all hard and good work. I will be and I am his true supporter.
God bless him with good health, long life, curraige to face all the odds created by his opponents. 

Jaihind jaibharat vandematram. 

Bharat mata ki jai, Narendra Modi jee ki jai, we all are with you Sir, please carry on all the welfare measures you have taken in your hand.

jaihind jaibharat vandematram. 


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