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होली है बरसाने की

आज बीरज में है होरी मोरी रसिया।

होरी मोरी रसिया, होरी मोरी रसिया।

आज नहीं बर जोरी मोरी रसिया।

भर पिचकारी रंग डारो मोरी सखिया।

होरी खेलो सखी , खेलो मोरी रसिया।

होरी खेलो सखी, खेलो मोरी रसिया।

शाम अबीर मोहे रंग गयो अंगिया ।

रंग गयो अंगिया, रंग गयो अंगिया।

साथ सखी री मैं तो पी गयो भंगिया।

पी गयो भंगिया, पी गयो भंगिया।

फागुन री सखी फाग मोरी रसिया।

फाग खेलो रंग डार मोरी रसिया।

तन भींगो सखी भींग गयो अंखिया।

शाम अंगन होरी खेलन आओ सखिया।

होरी खेलत सखी टूटी मोरी नथिया।

टूटी मोरी नथिया गिरी मोरी बिन्दिया।

होरी खेलत शाम पूछ गयो बतिया।

पूछ गयो सखी मोहे लूट गयो नींदया।

रात सखी मैं तो भूल गयी नींदया।

भूल गयी नींदया, भूल गयी नींदया।

शाम सखी खेलन आयो फगिया।

फाग खेलत सखी लूट गयो रसिया ।

कहत सुरेश सखी मोह लियो रसिया ।

लूट गयो शाम मोहे लूट गयो सखिया।

लूट गयो चैन मोरी, लूट गयो नींदया।

लूट गयो चैन मोरी, लूट गयो सखिया।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।


A faithful Horse

Rambabu was a wealthy landlord of Bharatpur. He inherited all the properties from his ancestors. He was holding big farmland, mango orchards, herds of cattles, cows, bufellows, and horses. There were dearth of milk, butters and ghees in his house. Tons of grains every years were coming from his farms. He was getting tons of mango, lichi and lemon too every year.

He was a respected man in his locality. Labourers were very happy to work in his field and cattle shades. They were well paid and well treated by him. Banshi was his pet servant, he used to work and stay in cattle shades it self.

Rambabu was having his pet horse named Shambhu. Banshi used to give special care to him. Special diets, bathing, cleaning and taking out for round morning and evening daily. It was a beautiful brone colour having black stripes under both eyes, very healthy and smart in running. Rambabu used to ride daily morning to visit his farm land and orchards. People used to see the horse with administration. It was so beautiful and attractive that it became a sign of symbol and prestige for Rambabu.

Haria was a crook and Gunda of that locality, every one was afraid of him in that area. He also came to know about that beautiful horse. Once he saw it and decided to run away with it by any means to Jaipur to sell it in higher price. He kept his eyes on it. Finally after a month he got the chance. Banshi was away from the cattle shades for a day to visit his family in far of village. The same night Haria came to shade and rode away with Shambhu as no one was taking care of shades. He was very happy and running fast on the horse back. He was treating Shambhu with cruelty to run faster. He was running away alongside of jheel. Shambhu was unhappy but not able to do anything as it’s lagam was under control of Haria. It was running very fast. Suddenly it jumped in to the deep jheel with Haria. Haria fell down from the horse back in to the jheel. Shambhu caught his leg and drown deep in the jheel for a long time. When Shambhu came over water and looking for Haria for longer time,confirming him dead, it walked out from the jheel and ran fastly towards the Bharat pur village. It was near morning when it reached to its master house. Rambabu was worried not finding his pet horse in the shade, Banshi was also not there whom to enquire? Suddenly he herd Shambhu hinhina on the gate. It was with lagam and very tired. Seeing his master it came near to him and started leaking his hand. Both were seeing each other with love and passion. It was really a heart touching scene. Rambabu took the horse inside and removed its lagam conole it by patting on its back and neck, gave it his favourite food to eat.

By evening Banshi also came back and told Rambabu about a man floating in the jheel. Next morning police was informed and Rambabu along with other villagers went on the jheel to see the dead man. Body was taken out only to found it was non but the notorious Haria. There one horse jeen was also found floating. Rambabu was astonished to recognise it to his own horse back jeen.

It was a pride moment for Rambabu, he realised and understood the reason of missing his horse and mistry of death of Haria. He was proud of his pet horse. Villagers were happy on the death of Haria but how he was killed only Rambabu and his horse was only knowing.

Jaihind jaibharat vendamatram.

Misuse of money

Today I read somewhere about a person who has lost his business inherited from his grand father. There may be many reasons for it. But I recollected and remembered my child hood days of 1950s.

There were three rich families in my village those days . They were having big big land, bittle and money lending business. All brothers were working together in their joint family. They were living like a land Lords. Their children were my class mates in lower primary school. We were good friends and casually used to visit one others house. Our mother used to feed us delicious food. We used to play together after school too.

One day one of my friend told us that their parents and uncles got separated, they distributed Victorian silver coins by weighing on balance. Each shared two two mans(80 kg.) We were very small children to understand it those days.

Their brothers were elder almost 15 -16yrs. Now they were free birds as no uncles and auntie used to chase them. Their father was busy in their business and mother in house hold chores. They were not having enough time to find out the movement of their children. So those free birds took it in their advantage. They used to takeout four five silver coins daily from the mudpots where it was preserved uncounted by their father. They were growing up and got married but having least interest in their father’s business. Neither looking for the land nor Bittle busines. Time was passing rapidly, after 10yrs of separation their parents passed away. Till that time they were parents and became lazy, avoided to work as they never bothered to learn during their parents life time. Their earnings gradually started decreasing but they were having good wealth to spend. By 1970s I saw them struggling for two end meals. It was too late for them to bring back their past glory, They have sold much of their ansesters land to maintain and bringing up their children. Still their children are behind many of the villagers who were working in their fields and employed under their grandparents.

It is a great lessons for each of us to understand the difference between use and misuse , the dignity of hard work in life, working for ourselves and not fully depending on parental prosperity and wealth. One must have the pride to enjoy with their own earnings. At the same time don’t accumulate so much that you are not getting time to enjoy in your life. Most of us in India are only able to spend 30-40% of their earnings before their death. Then why are you struggling and accumulating by cheating others? Be honest and be happy with your normal earnings, earning with dignity and honesty. It is a real story witnessed by me in my own village.

Jaihind jaibharat vendamatram.

घूमना देश परायो

ठहर ठहर कर घूम रहे हैं।

हर दिन शनि रविवार।

कभी यहाँ और कभी वहाँ पर।

बच्चों के संग बारंबार।

शहर शहर और गाँव गाँव को।

भटके जंगल बगिया में।

घुमकर दिन भर थक जाते हैं।

रात बिताते गेस्ट हाउस में।

खाना पीना होता जमकर।

होटल और रेस्तराओं में।

आना जाना कार में होता।

बच्चे खुद ही कार चलाता।

घर से दूर है देश पराया।

यहाँ नयी ये हलचल है ।

खूब सजी बाजार यहाँ की ।

बड़े बड़े होटल दुकानें।

बिग बाजार और माल यहाँ की ।

भरी हुई जगमग चीज़ों से।

यहाँ पड़ी है वो हर चीज।

जिसे ढूढना है आसान।

खेल खिलौने गहने कपड़े।

जरूरत की वो सारी चीज।

पर सबको है जल्दी इतनी।

साथ नहीं कोई मिलते हैं।

बातें करना दूर की बातें।

साथ नहीं कोई चलते हैं।

नहीं पराया नहीं वो अपना।

होती है बस काम की बातें।

बच्चे हमको खूब घुमाते।

चलते चलते थक जाने पर।

बैठ साथ सब काफी पीते।

मस्ती में कभी मुझे बुलाते।

डैडी जी पीछे क्यों चलते ?

मम्मी चलती साथ हमारी।

साथ साथ चलिये तो इनके।

कहीं अकेले खो न जायें।

बैठें आप आराम से बैठें।

यहाँ पड़ी है कुर्सी सारी।

देखें टीवी बड़े मजे से।

हम सब कर लें कुछ खरीदारी।

हमें यहाँ लेनी कुछ चीजें।

बच्चों की कुछ चीज निराली।

घूम घूम कर मौल दिखाया।

जन्नत जैसा देश घुमाया।

धन्य हो गया भाई मैं तो।

सोने जैसा बेटा पाया।

बहू हमारी है लाखों में।

बनकर बेटी मान बढाया।

दोनों हमको खूब निभाया।

कौन कहे ये देश पराया।

हमने तो यहाँ सबकुछ पाया।

खाना पीना रहना सोना।

घुमना फिरना आस पड़ोस।

देशी और विदेशी चीजें।

नहीं फ़रक है यहाँ सुरेश।

नहीं फ़रक है यहाँ सुरेश।

नहीं फ़रक है यहाँ सुरेश।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।

मुफ्त हुई बदनाम

सखी री मैं तो मुफ़त हुई बदनाम।

फूल चुनन निकली सुबहन को।

रस्ते में मिल गयो शाम।

सखी री मैं तो हुई बदनाम ।

बात बात में दिन निकली री।

सुबह से हो गयी शाम।

सखी री सुबह से हो गयी शाम।

घर आने में देरी हो गयी ।

कब को गयी शाम।

सखी री मैं तो हुई बदनाम।

घर नहीं भायो शहर नहीं भायो।

मोहे भायो सखी री शाम ।

सखी री मैं तो हुई बदनाम।

मन नांहि लागे तन नांहि लागे।

सखी री करन में कोई काम।

मैं तो मुफ्त हुई बदनाम।

सखी री मैं तो मुफ़त हुई बदनाम।

छूट गयी सखी गाँव हमारी।

छूटल घर अरू धाम।

सखी री गली गली ढूंढती शाम।

सखी री मैं तो हुई बदनाम ।

प्रभु सुरेश के दरद मिटा दे।

अब तो मिला दे शाम।

मेरो अब तो मिला दे शाम।

प्रभु मेरे अब तो मिला दे शाम।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।

शामे गजल

इंडिया हाऊस में बैठे हैं ,

गजलें सुनने पंकज उधाश को।

सैकड़ों लोगों संग बैठे हैं ,

लेकर हाथों में ग्लास को।

गजलें सुनते ताल बजाते,

गजलें कर दी है मदहोश।

बेहद मनभावन हैं गजलें,

पूरा हौल हुआ मदहोश ।

आज शाम रंगीन हमारी,

खुलकर हॅसते हैं सब लोग ।

आज नहीं कंगाल यहाँ पर,

सब हैं माला माल।

गजल के धुन में डूब गये हैं,

खाली हो गयी ग्लास।

खाली हो गयी ग्लास हमारी,

खाली हो गयी ग्लास।

सब हैं माल माल यहाँ पर

सब हैं माला माल।

पास हमारी बैठी बेगम,

डूबी गयी है ख्यालों में।

देख के उसका मासूम चेहरा।

याद आ गयी सन चौहत्तर ।

वही अदा और सूरत उसकी।

वही कयामत रूप है सुन्दर ।

खो गये हम भी उसके संग में।

भूल गये बैठे हैं सुनने।

गजल गायिकी पंकज जी की।

गजल हमारी अपनी बेगम।

याद दिलाये सन चौहत्तर।

याद दिलाये सन चौहत्तर ।

याद दिलाये सन चौहथ्तर।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।

Demand of children

We every body remember the child hood of children. They were very cute and nauty. They always used to black mail, if their demand was not fulfilled.they were crying and not talking for long time. They used to demand some unusual things which was beyond our reach and pocket. Still they never used to surrender as they were not knowing our problems. They were so innocent that it was very very difficult to console them during that periods. Many a time so happened with us that we were helpless to decide to fulfil their demands. It was very very difficult time for many of us as we were helpless to meet their demand due to our low-income those days. But still most of us brought them up very well , nurtured them better to give better education, cutting many ours needs and real requirements.

Now most of us are well off by the grace of God and our children are at better position in their services and society. They are obedient,respect us,care our needs and after all they want their old parents should also enjoy like them, as they could not enjoy in their youth due to their low income and more responsibilities. We are happy with them but sometimes it irritates us when they present us very costly gift, costly cloths not even required as we all having more cloths unused. Our outing is very limited as we are old, so where to use It? But still their child hood habits has not gone. They press us to accept and present,We are silent and happy to keep them happy. It may be misuse and unnecessary expenditure for us but it is a requirement and pleasure for them.

We must appreciate and be happy to enjoy and live happier life with them. They want to give us complete rest but we too want to do something to help the needy and keep ourselves busy. If some engagement is not there in the life it will be boring dull and painful. So keep busy, smile with your family and friends, enjoy your old age happily with your children.

Jaihind jaibharat vendamatram.

दूरी का एहसास

दूर हूँ परवरदिगार से
पर पास है हमारे वो।
दूर हूँ अपने परिवार से
पर सदा पास रहते हैं वो।
दूर हूँ दुरियां है हमारे बीच
पर ये दुरियां भी हमारे पास है।
अपनों से ये दुरियां दूरी से है
पर दिल से वे हमारे पास हैं।
कौन कहता है दुरियां है हमारे बीच
यही दुरियां तो हमारे मिलने की चाह है।
दूरियों से कभी दूर न होना
दुरियां ही तो प्यार की नींव है।
दुरियां बनाये रखना मेरे यार
मिलने की तड़प बनी रहेगी।
दुरियां तो दो किनारे हैं नदी के
चलते तो साथ साथ हैं ।
पर मिलते वो कभी भी नहीं।
पर नदियाँ बहती रहती हैं
दोनों किनारों को साथ साथ लेकर।
यही तो जीवन है हमारा
बहते जाना बहते जाना।
मिलने की चाह में सदा साथ साथ चलते जाना ।
सदा साथ साथ चलते जाना।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम

बारिश की फुहार

भींग रही संग सजनी सजना ।
रिमझिम रिमझिम बारिश में।
छतरी हाथ धरे हैं सजना।
पर सजनी भीजे बारिश में।
खोलत चाहत छतरी सजना।
पर न खुले ये बारिश में।
भींग रहे हैं दोनों कब से।
खेलत सजनी बारिश में।
भींगी साड़ी भींगी अंगिया।
रूप सलोनी तकते सजना।
भूल गये दोनों संग अपना।
छतरी हाथ धरे है सजना।
छतरी हाथ धरे है सजना।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।

शराबी का हाल

पीना है तो पी ले बंदे,
अमरित पी ले तनमन से।
सिगरेट और शराब छोड़ कर,
पी ले अमरित गोधन के।
दूध दही का सेवन कर ले,
फल फूलों का भोग लगा।
नित दिन सेवा कर ले बंदे,
दीन दुखियों का पीड़ मिटा।
काया तेरी सुखी रहेगी,
सुख शांति घर आयेगी।
देख लिया है तूने बंदे,
सिगरेट पीने का वो हाल।
और शराबी जीते घर में,
जीते सूकर कीचड़नाल।
तू है इनशा तू है मानव,
जग में तू है एक मिसाल।
फिर क्यों जीना तू इस हाल।
फिर क्यों जीना तू इस हाल।

जयहिन्द जयभारत वन्देमातरम।