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Injustice to Diploma Entry Airmen

AVM Tiwari Sir, your good advice is not correct, you are misleading and demoralizing the Brilliant lot of Airmen.

Air force has deceived Diploma Entry Airmen recruited in 1971 , they were denied and deceived by the then Defence officers and authorities. Their pay and promotion were not safe guarded as per the their recruitment policies.

They were recruited by the special policies adopted by Air force, but after the 3rd pay commission it was not taken into the consideration by them. After passing out of 52 weeks traing they were awarded LAC grp.One post, equivalent to the payscale of Nb.Sub. in Army but after the 3rd pay commission Nb.Sub. scale raised to 520/- and the LAC scale was only 330/- this was the first blunder, second blunder created in 2004 promotion policy, where the seniority of Diploma holders was reduced from 3yrs to 2yrs, and our whole Carrier was spoiled as the many juniors WO superseded us. Due to this humiliation , I am one among them to retired volenteerly as a WO, without completing my full service, other wise I could have retired as an Honourary Fg. Offr. Or Flt. Lt.

Being from a Lower income group I am not able to go to Honorable Court to get the justice. Can you help us? You are so much thinking of welfare of Airmen.

Jaihind jaibharat vandematram.


जिस्म की नुमाइश

ये देखने की चीज है, इसे बार बार देखें।

खुले जिस्म को दिखाने वाली,

इसे थोड़ी और खोलकर दिखायें।

ये भड़काने वाली अदा,

अपने को संभाल कर रक्खें।

दोष देखने वाले का नहीं है,

खुला जिस्म दिखाने वाली की है।

क्यों बदनाम करती हो हमें,

हम तो तुम्हारे हुस्न के कद्रदान हैं।

खुद आग लगाती हो ,

और हमें बदनाम करती हो।
जयहिन्द, जयभारत, वन्देमातरम।

औरत का सम्मान

औरत ने जनम दिया मर्दों को,

मर्दों ने उसे बाजार दिया।

जब तक चाहा लूटा उसको,

अपना न बना पाया उसको।

माँ के रूप में पूजा जिसको,

औरत रूप में में दुत्कारा।

भगिनी रूप में प्यार किया,

और औरत को बाजार दिया।

ऐ नीच करम करके तूने,

मानवता को शर्मसार किया।

मानवता को शर्मसार किया।।

जयहिन्द, जयभारत, वन्देमातरम।