We all are here with pride,to receive and bless new bride

Pairs are made in haven by God,this ties are without any knot

We are here to unite them only,to live together and enjoy

This Union is without knot,only to help sustenance the world

Ties are there with child and mother,Ties remains lovely with father

A ties with brother and sister ,a ties with honourable teacher

A ties with place where we born ,Home we played and grown

A ties with societies where we nurtured,To be pride man of our culture

These are very memorable and lovely,Reminds us our past glory

If broken whole society will collapse,So never think of breaking these

Love your country,love your mother land,Love your brother,love your sister

Love your parents with smile,Live together with humble and pride

Be united with this ties,with guest and family

Sureshmadhu blessing you ,for pleasant life 

With peace and prosperity ,with parents and wife

Without any trouble in your whole life

God bless you my child,God bless you my child


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