Value of one

One itself is a great number.

A Sun is only one who lights the whole world.

It gives energy to the whole world.

A moon  is only one who gives smooth light in the night.

All the plants give flowers and fruits only because of moon.

Wind is only one who blows Air in the whole world.

All the living beings survival depends on Air only.

Rama was only one who united India from north to south west to east, killed the demons and became the God for all Hindus.

Krishna was only one who taught Gita to the whole world for the survival.

Gautam Buddha was only who taught humanity to the whole world.

Hitler was only one who became a General from Sipoy and dictator who started world war two.

National Mandela was only one who faught for equality, prisoned for 27yrs and later won the peace full battle and became the first black president of South Africa.

Guru Nanak Deo was only one who taught brother hood and equality to the mankind .

Swami Vivekananda was only one who taught to whole world that the religion is only one, that is Humanity, all are brother and sister in the whole world .

Chanakya was only one Guru who united the country when it was raided by Hoons , Mangoles and Sikendra and raised the Chandra Gupta from poverty to be a king of this great country.

Abraham Lincoln was the only one who became the president of United States of America from a peasant boy.

Kalam was only one to become the president of the country from a poor family and became one of the great president of our country.

Narendra Modi jee is only one to become the most popular and powerful PM of our country from a tea seller boy.

There are many more examples you can search on Google. You can also see your neighbourhood and surroundings.

So nothing to worry about your self, you too can touch the sky, only you have to work hard and prove yourself.

Jaihind jaibharat vendamatram


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