Power of the smallest

Dear friends, today I was walking on the walking track in our locality on Kaggadasapura Lake at 1130am. It was a pleasant wether, sun sining in sky, clean and beautiful track ,  small and medium green trees both the side of track ,very calm and quiet as only few walkers were walking.

Suddenly it struck in my mind, the power of small, smaller and the smallest. Really it has the greatest power. All the big , bigger and the biggest are control by the small smaller and smallest.

A very big City having a small enterance gate, 

A big Banglow having small door, 

A bigger Lock having smaller key, 

A big train having a smaller engine,

 A very very big ship Engine is small and the control is further smaller, 

A big water Dam having smaller gate to release water, 

The smallest tiny water droplets create havock in the world, it rain rain and rain and the flood the intire area , thousand of life and millions of properties being destroyed, can any one having the power to control these tiny water droplets?

A big organization having a small body to control it,

A big Nation having small capital city and further it had a small parliament,

In that small parliament PM office is further smaller,

In PM office too only a small plce of PM chair, but the whole country is guided and control by that very small chair of PM.

Take your own family a Elder is the guardian, but he too have to listen and obey his home minister wife, the Lady has to listen her children and grandchildren. The smallest grandchildren is the boss of the house, he command every one in the whole house, his demand has to be made, if he cries all of you have to calm him, if he laughs you all are laughing, is it not the power of small smaller and smallest.

   So it is better to understand the power of small smaller and smallest, don’t over look them, the smallest tiny Itom bomb and Hydrogen bomb has the strongest power to destroy the whole world.

That is the power of small smaller and the smallest.

Jaihind jaibharat vandematram.


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