15 August 1947

Fifteen August is not just a day and date for we Indians.

It is a great festival for we all Indians.

After a long period of two hundred years.

India got it’s freedom from Britishers on this date.

Really it was a new birth of a new Nation.

It was the sacrifice of our great patriots and Leaders.

Lakhs and lakhs people have been killed.

Many have been jailed in Indian prisons like animals.

Many have been sent to Andaman Nikobar selular jail.

They have been brutally torchered and illtreated worst than animals.

Sardar Bhagat Singh along his companians and friends.

Was hanged to death in the Lahore jail.

Chandrashekhar Aajad was killed in Allahabad.

Many innocent public were hanged in open on trees.

Lala Lajpat Roy was brutally lathi charged.

Latter he died in the Lahore hospital.

Subhash Chandra Bose declared free lndia from Rangun.

He had formed Azad Hind Fauj to fight the British Army.

But it was our bad luck , He was defeated reaching inside lndia on the way to Calcutta.

Later He too was imprisioned by Russia after independence on the advice of PM Neharu, and he died in unknown circumstances as he could not come out in public life due to the British government and Neharu’s policy . He was declared war criminal by British government .

But it was strange that Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah never got beaten any time by Britishers.

After killing lakhs and lakhs innocent public those period.

Britishers realized their inabilities to rule lndia further.

So they decided to leave this great Nation granting freedom to It.

But before leaving they destroyed the harmony of our country

They have devided it in two parts lndia and Pakistan.

India was handed over to Prime Minister Nehru.

And Pakistan was handed over to Prime Minister Jinnah.

Making it easier to rule it from their own country.

As you see till today lndia and Pakistan flight together from its birth.

And the Britishers and Americans are enjoying the fruits.

Selling their war materials for their gains and dictating both.

Now the time has come to think both lndia and Pakistan.

To Live together with peacefully and harmoniously.

Let the people of both the countries realize and refrain from fighting.

Rather than work for the welfare of each others.

Remember the sacrifice of our great patriots and Leaders.

On this very fifteen August we should take a pledge.

To be united among us, forgeting our differences .

We all are lndian citizens irrestive of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christen.

We are born and brought up here together.

We are eating and drinking the same food and water.

Enjoying the same Sun and Moon light every day.

We are going to same school and colleges for education.

We are worshiping only one Almighty through out country.

Their name may be different but He is only One.

Fighting on the name of religion is our foolishness.

Not a single prichers from any religion have suffered till date in communal fighting.

Only the poor and innocent public have suffered till date.

So today we must pledge to live together peacefully.

Never to fight among us on Communal basis rather to fight with Poverty.

This will be the best gift to our coming generation and the country.

Jaihind jaibharat vandematram.


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