Self help

Self help is the best help, he who help him self God also help him.

If a person is drawning in water and cries for the help from God, God says him ,try your hand and feet I will help you.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise .

Getting out from bed pray to God and take blessings from your parents and elders at home, one must take two to three glass of water. If possible  take lukewarm water before going to washroom.

Brush your teeth properly, clean your tongue, wash your face, sprinkle water in your both eyes.

Fresh your self in washroom, take bath regularly, clean your body using bathing soap and sampoo. Use separate towel for everyone. 

Take heavy  breakfast before 9am. You should take a glass of milk with healthy food, as per your choice and taste, don’t take fast food, always try to take sprouted  mung, black gram, and white chana along with your break fast, lunch and dinner. You should take fruits before lunch and not after lunch. Brush your teeth after every meals.

Soft drinks like coco cola, fenta, sprita, manjha, frutee all these are unhealthy drinks,only taste it occasionally never use it regularly. 

Don’t eat in the market place in open, those foods are unhealthy and inhysnic. Samosa and stuff kachori are very hard food, avoid to consume it.

Watching TV and using smart phone is good, if you see for learning , continuous watching will damage your eyes, give importance to physical activity also, at least one hour you must allot for it. Select games as per your choice and hobby, you just don’t follow your friends in this.

Avoid argument and fighting among friends, have patience to listen others, donot talk in-between two person if they are engaged in talking. Never give suggestions to any one without asking. Help the needy, don’t hurt anyone. Respect the elders, help the kids, respect your teachers. Respect the national flag, your mother land and uniform personal.

Be proud of your self, your parents, your society, your communiyy and country, you are the backbone of the country, be an able and good citizens to lead the nation.

God bless you all.

Jaihind jaibharat vandematram.


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